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affordable self-build cars produced in great britain

Meet the Lomax Family

The Lomax 223 & 224

The Lomax range of self-build cars all use the engine and running gear from a 2CV.

The 223 denotes two cylinders and three wheels.

The 224 denotes two cylinders and four wheels.

The Lambda

The Lambda is a more rounded version of the everlasting 223 and 224.

It is also available in either three or four wheeler versions.

The Supertourer

The Supertourer is a four-wheeler only. The flared front wings and integral rear wings give the vehicle a look of a traditional 1930’s tourer, whilst giving excellent road spray suppression.

The continental bonnet allow the 2CV cooling fan and heat exchangers to be kept. With all other models, the cooling fan and heat exchangers have to be removed and the engine then becomes air cooled.

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