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affordable self-build cars produced in great britain

Lomax Parts

Including wings, bonnets and body shells

GRP Body Panels

Lomax owners will be pleased to know that the GRP bodies, bonnets and wings for their cars are still in production, using the original Lomax moulds. Being able to buy the genuine parts for your car will enable you to either replace or maybe even change the style of wings, bonnets, or even change the body itself!

Kits are available if you wished to build a complete new car but see notes below regarding gelcoat colours.

Gelcoat Colour

Due to the age of the Lomax cars, the original gelcoats colour might have altered.

The new GRP pieces can be ordered in a white gelcoat that will allow you to sand, prime and paint in a colour to match your car, as the new gelcoat colour cannot be guaranteed to match your existing colour.

This will allow you to obtain an exact colour match and avoid any mis-match.

Coloured gelcoat is available and this is strongly recommended if purchasing a full body kit of GRP pieces, as this will ensure colour uniformity throughout the car.

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