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Owning a Lomax Car

Building, restoring and maintaining your Lomax car

Owning a Lomax isn’t expensive and knowing that the car can be kept on the road for many years to come just adds to the pleasure of having such a great little car. So owning Lomax needn’t just be just a dream – it could easily be a reality. Taking a Lomax for a drive is often a really good way to meet people, as so many admirers will stop and want to chat about the car, with the first question usually being, “what make is it” and this is often followed by, “spares must be hard to find”.


As Lomax owners know all too well, 2CV new parts are easily available, with numerous suppliers offering everything from a simple washer to a completely re-built engine, gearbox and even a brand new galvanised chassis and new suspension parts. There are also specialist companies that can build you a fully uprated engine for much improved performance but more importantly, improved torque, meaning better drivability.


Sparrow Automotive in Hereford produce a superb 720cc engine that will transform the way a Lomax with the standard 602 0r 652cc engine will run. Additional cooling will be required for the swap, meaning a fan will need to be installed. The continental bonnet would make an ideal replacement for a standard or Lambda bonnet as it is designed to suit a 2CV fan housing. New barrels and pistons will improve an existing engine and owners have fitted 652cc kits as well. It’s not advised to do this without having a fan, but various owners that have swapped to 652cc sets without fans, appear not to have had a problem. Our advice would be not to do this swap in a car that doesn’t have a fan. In slow moving traffic, the car will not be getting any air movement, therefore not getting any cooling, result being a big problem!


With new GRP body panels, bonnets and even full body shells being available from us using the original moulds, it means you can renew any damaged area of your car. There’s no reason why you couldn’t build a whole new car, as full kits are available from us, so you could either replace what you have, or build a Lomax onto a new rolling chassis.

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