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affordable self-build cars produced in great britain

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The Lomax has become such a popular 2CV conversion that it enjoys its own cult following throughout the world. Lomax owners meet up to share the enjoyment that owning one of these iconic cars gives, as well as organising road trips, events and meetings.

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For GRP body parts and prices
[email protected]

For product enquiries
[email protected]

Request for original build instructions
[email protected]

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Useful Links

Kitcars 2CV & Derivatives Facebook (Owners private Facebook group)
Citroen Specials Club (Club Facebook page)
Lomax Club DE (Lomax Club Germany)
2CV Kitcar Club (Lomax Club Netherlands)
Le Patron (Le Patron kit cars, Netherlands)
Kit cars Burton & Dérivés (Le club des propriétaires de kit cars à base de 2CV)
Sparrow Automotive (2CV up rated engines and tuning specialists)
Cats Citroen on Facebook (Very informative classic Citroen page)
The Gearbox Guru (Rick Pembro – the mobile 2CV gearbox guru)
Holden Vintage and Classics (Full range of accessories for classic cars)
The New Lomax Register (NLR) (A website of interest but has no connection and forms no part of Lomax Cars)

Special thanks go to all of the owners that have given their permission for the photographs of their cars to be used on this website. The copyright and ownership remains the property of their owners and/or affiliated owners clubs. Images from this website cannot be reproduced without the prior consent from Lomax Cars.

The LOMAX logo is the property of Lomax Cars and cannot be reproduced in any form without prior authority from Lomax cars.

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